Sam Khiev

Senior Escrow Officer

Sam manages the escrows for all the builder sales of new homes. These escrows call for a unique expertise, and Sam is truly in a class by herself! For 20 years, she has worked with builders throughout Southern California, earning their respect and loyalty. Generations is fortunate to have her as part of its team.

Sam directs the entire escrow process from start to finish and is always available to answer questions. She and her assistants work very closely together. They know YOUR transaction, and the chances are they will anticipate what you need even before you realize it yourself!

Buying a new home is an exciting and hectic time for most people. Sam and her team are committed to minimizing any inconvenience for you while adding value to your overall home buying experience.


140 Newport Center Dr, Suite 120
Newport Beach, CA 92660
Tel: 949.359.8383
Email: [email protected]